Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Recipe testing for a National Magazine!

Boy did that feel good, are you impressed? I am. But, truthfully, anybody can go to the web-site and sign-up to test recipes. I received my first Recipe via eMail, I made sure I had all the ingredients and voila la! You see the step by step.

Mind you, this is a Strusel Bar Recipe, not rocket science. Again, petite confession--, I'm not a cookie baker, nor am I a cake baker. I am a bread, pastry and cook. This is a challenge! The first step, in the dark photo above is the bottom layer. Below is the filling of 'Bonne Mama' jam and fresh raspberries and a splash of lemon juice.

Then the strusel layer goes on top and is baked for another round in the oven. At the moment, I'm waiting for it all to cool gently and then I'll portion out the bars.

Look good? If Max doesn't beat us to the first taste......then 'my boys' will let you know the results.

My last step is to fill out and send, via email, my results. There are questions about what kind of mixer I used, if I used any substitutions and what it tastes like. All-in-all, a learning experience. It is a lot of fun, and an ego boost.....even if I just tell myself that I'm a Recipe Tester!

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