Monday, March 07, 2005

Chutney on a cold Monday!

March 18th, I'll be deeply involved in a Charity Arts Evening at my son's school. I've been asked to help with the food part of the evening. I've got 1.000.00 euro to play with for 400 hungry folks. This will include a 'house wine'. Yep, I'm nervous! I know those two jars of Chutney won't feed 4oo people.....But then again, lets think about this...... the 400 people will include kids and many different cultures, and backgrounds. Rest assured, the kids should turn their nose up at this mix, the adults might dig in and take a spoonful to accompany the brined turkey breast, or roasted beef that will be sliced thin. I'll make another batch later this week, but I think that should really cover the Chutney aspect of the evening.

My Chutney includes some of this marvelous spice mix that I now can't live without. A friend brought this back from Italy, I wonder where I can find it in France! It really adds a kick, but not a burn! It just adds to the sweet/sour of the apple and pear chutney.

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