Monday, March 14, 2005

Wine & Food 101

Even out in the Banlieu, we like our wine. I'm lucky enough to have a wine expert within walking distance! She is an expert.....Having worked with a well-known Brit who has a wonderful biz in Paris! She is now teaching 'wine and food pairings' within our little group who teach cooking classes. She really rounds the team out. We have a couple of the cooks in the group prepare a dish that compliments the wine that she is featuring! Below is a little goat cheese parcel that is paired up with a White Bordeaux. It worked well.

The goat cheese was mixed with Ricotta and some fresh, soft herbs. Wrapped inside some crisp phyllo dough that I purchased from the Galleries Gourmand at Porte Maillot. I could have sexed-up the recipe a bit by adding some slow cooked onions or something else a bit more exciting, but she wanted the wine to be the star.....not necessarily the food. I agree.

Next course was an Artichoke Ragu. This was followed by a Tuna dish. We finished with a dessert wine and a Orange cake (that was yummy!) found in a Nigella cookbook.
Like I've said before.......What a life I lead!


Anonymous said...

Maybe your friend would like to have a profile on - we are building up the site and seek wine experts for postings. Listings will be free for the first few eligible. Those in Paris are prefered (as I am in Paris). Let me know:

Anonymous said...

Hey there - any chance you have the recipe for the goat cheese parcels, as well as the name of the white wine you paired it with?

If so - please send to

Matt (Francophile from Sydney Australia)