Saturday, August 06, 2005

The Chestnut Horse

Believe it or not, I'm ready for some plain 'ol roast chicken. We have been eating very well here in the UK. I'm really enjoying the change in pub-food! Very exciting!
Last night, we ate at The Chestnut Horse, in the town of Easton. Just look at this place! It is beautiful! The room we were in was so cozy and inviting. As with most ancient pubs there are many rooms and varying ceiling heights to watch out for.

My first course consisted of Tempura Prawns, to me, this plate is bordering on main course size. Three large prawns in a light Tempura batter on a bed of julienned red and yellow pepper & red onions in a sweet and sour sauce, with a little balsamic glaze thrown in for good measure! There was a little pot of 'some kind of dipping sauce' that I just can't figure out what was in it. Really, this was delicious, but I needed help in finishing the serving as to not insult the chef. Plus, the serving plates are The Wave/Gourmet from Villeroy and Boch a fun shape!

Main course was pork mignons layered with dolcelatte cheese and piquillo peppers. There was a sauce of black olives and basil.......this was a great dish and can be duplicated at home! The peppers came from a jar, these are relatively easy to find and use. As always, there is a side-trio-of obligatory vegetables; carrots, mange tout and baby corns.

There was no room for dessert! My waist band is getting tighter each day!


shuna fish lydon said...

hello! my favorite meal there was at Moro. I even went to Books For Cooks to buy their cookbook, which I have actually used for more than merely inspiration.

if you get a minute, check out this gourmet goods shop-- and say hello to Gerry, he's a very close friend and colleague of mine.

Melissa said...

Hi Shuna! I love Books for Cooks, they have nice demo's too!
I missed your shop, but from the web-site it looks most interesting and worth a visit on my next trip across the Channel!
Take care!

Barbara said...

Time to get some elastic waisted pants then!

Melissa said...

Hey Barbara---Elastic waistbands AND some of that anti-wrinkle jam you featured on your blog! hahahaha!

chef 'em out said...

Anti-wrinkle jam? What flavors does it come in?

Melissa said...

Hey chef 'em out.....I bet you could import that jam and make a mint!

Anonymous said...

We must be talking about a different Chestnut Horse as the one that I ate at this week was serving extremely low standard food, both in terms of quality and quantity. Hey, I'm not looking for stacks of food and I realise that minimalist is "in" but where is the quality?

Melissa said...

Anonymous...... Was this in Easton in Hants??? I wonder if the chef had an off night? We went back there this summer, twice!!-- and found the food to be delicious! You should give the manager a call if you were disappointed, I'm sure he would like to know.