Thursday, August 25, 2005's the simple things!

No brainer here!
Take these three ingredients, add some crushed ice, blend......enjoy!

Don't you love summer?


drbiggles said...

I do love the summer.

It's a no brainer here either.
Take these three ingredients; meat, smoke, heat & eat ... enjoy!

Melissa said...

Hey Doc!
Does a fruit smoothie really go with BBQ? Hmmmm, maybe with a little rum added in the mix.
Take care!

Mona said...

Hi, I noticed you're in a banlieu parisien? lequel? I used to live in Chatou (off the RER A line) in the 90s. Moved there b/c my Dad worked for IBM . Il me manque le Paris. I 've recently started a NYC restaurant blog and would love for you to stop by. Will be bookmarking your site.
Bonne journee!
Would love to hear more about what you do over there..have dreams of moving back on my own.

Melissa said...

--Mona....small world! I'm not too far from Chatou! Did you attend ASP while here in Paris? I wonder if our paths crossed, maybe I knew your mother while you were here!
Your blog is lovely, I just heard about SushiSamba on a news program that is broadcast here in Paris!
I'll be checking back with you.
Thanks for looking at my blog!!