Friday, August 19, 2005

Every dog needs a bone!

Back from vacation! And let me tell you, Paris in August is GREAT! Nevermind if your favorite butcher is closed for Vacances, you can find another! You are guaranteed that there is always ONE Boulangerie open in each town, by law, I think! I'm afraid this week, my bliss will be over, they will start to trickle in for La Rentrée, which will begin in September. It is just wonderful to get on the Autoroute and have it all to yourself, it is joyous to be the only person in line at the grocery!

Now that I've returned home, I've been dying to get back into the kitchen. The weather is wonderful, sunny & cool. Clay and I were lured by some 'copper-esque' bone shaped cookie cutters while in the states. Perfect for the hound who has been in the 'dog hotel' (prison).

I dug-up a Peanut Butter Dog Biscuit recipe and gave it a whirl.
I'm not a cookie-baker (ask my Blog By Mail buddy--she got sea-salt and tea), but I thought this recipe sounded easy. Max, like most dogs, eats everything!

He looks pretty satisfied!

Do you think that if Max didn't like these biscuits I could have passed them off to the family as peanut butter cookies?
I'm thinkin' maybe!!


shuna fish lydon said...

I think that next year I should be your dog's keeper...

glad to have you back. Can't wait to see what you conjure in your kitchen.

ps, do you still want a T shirt? come to eggbeater and email me your mailing address and size preference, I am getting another batch done for September!

Fanny said...

Hi, great to hear from you. It's funny cause my last post was -partly- about my dog Max and his wishes.

PS i love your bone cookie cutters.

chef 'em out said...

I've been away for awhile, and now I have to catch upon my required reading to see what I've missed.
The last time I saw Max, he was reading (or pretending to) a book.

keiko said...

Hi Melissa - you were in the UK and didn't tell me! ;) Glad you seemed to have a good time. I think I'd love to try this doggy biscuits if you let me...

Melissa said...

Shuna.....I'm sure Max would 'delight' in your company!

Fanny.....I caught a glimpse of your big dog, Max! The good thing about shopping in the 'states' is you can find little things like those cookie cutters at cheap prices!

chef 'em out....Wait till you see Max in his chef-whites!

Keiko....I'll send you some doggy biscuits if you are my Blogging by Mail buddy! Would your cat eat them?

Mia said...

It's a good idea to bake something for the dog every so often. I like this recipe and I'm going to make a batch for my little bud Benny - he turns a whopping 3 years old in September, after all.
Hey, this would be a good idea for an IMBB -- Is my blog BARKING?

Melissa said...

Mia....if you host 'Is my blog barking'...I'll be the first to post. are on to a winner idea.