Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Chocolate Sauce........just because!

I'm not a fan of cooking with chocolate. I do love to eat chocolate! This little recipe (very simple, I might add) can be eaten out of the jar with a spoon -GUILTY- or with restraint, it can be spread on crêpes, could be spooned on ice cream. You get the picture? Keep this in the fridge and see how long it will last!

If this isn't rich enough, look at that sweetened condensed milk being slowly mixed in! Stir, but don't let it get too hot or you will break this sauce. (yeah.....I did just that, with the last batch, it went grainy!)
Pour into your sterilized jar, cool and stick in the fridge and listen to it call out to you when you are weak and need chocolate.

Don't forget to let the sauce come to room temperature before you eat, it will be solid!

250g good quality chocolate
250g butter
pinch of sea salt
1 can sweetened condensed milk


chanit said...

What a nice Blog !, thanks
Chanit, from Israel :-)

Barbara said...

Wickedly delicious. Chocolate and condensed milk!

Melissa said...

Oh Barbara! I see you've enjoyed the combo yourself!

keiko said...

Melissa, I need this even when I'm not weak :) I made chocolate sorbet with Herme's recipe the other day, I'm going to post about it but it didn't turn out as good as I expected... it went grainy is that because I stirred too much?

Melissa said...

Keiko! Can't wait to see your sorbet post! I'm not an expert, but I'm thinking that your chocolate problem was because of too hot temp when you were making your syrup (guessing!)
You know who I'd ask, and he is an expert...David Lebovitz
See you soon!

Fanny said...

Hi melissa,
this sauce seems so-rich-but-oh-so-good. I'm already a nutella addict and now because of you im gonna become a homemade chocolate spread addict. You're awesome.

Michèle said...

Hi Melissa, lovely blog and wow this chocolate sauce looks and sounds delicious. I like the idea that it will keep in the refrigerator, otherwise I would be obliged to eat it all up right away. :) I like Nutella but sometimes I get tired of the hazelnut flavour so I will definitely try this.

Melissa said...

--Fanny & Michele....This recipe came from a French cookbook and on the next page was a 'Nutella' type spread, it had the addition of hazelnut powder. I'll have to post that recipe!

fiordizucca said...

oh my god! i must try that :)

Anonymous said...

This is one chocolate sauce that is to "die" for!

Can you use this chocolate sauce to glaze a cake? If so, will it retain the shiny effect if it sits in the fridge for a few days?

Thanks for sharing and for posting!