Friday, January 13, 2006


Sometimes you need something quick and easy for dinner! This is a Donna Hay recipe. I first read about Donna in a Books For Cooks 'compilation' cookbook. They kept singing her praises and I thought I better find out about this lady! Another fan of Donna is a fellow blogger/friend Barbara from NZ!

I was delighted to find 2 of her cookbooks in WH Smith on the Rue de Rivoli. Her books are beautiful, I love the way she styles a food photo, clean and simple. And very appetizing!

This particular recipe is her Spinach Pie. Spinach bought from Picard, the French frozen foods store. A creamy addition of ricotta cheese and eggs. Top with some Feta cheese and cherry tomatoes and you have a lovely and quick dinner. This little dish is great at room temperature. I think with a few less eggs you could stuff some ravioli with the mix. I also think this could go into a filo dough package.

You can't say more than that! Give it a try!


Cindy said...

Great ! I'll try it, need to eat some veg. Lucky you, a WG Smith close to where you live. There's only a Fnac and Sauramps where I am and a little english book shop. Hard to find recipe books in english :(

carolg said...

Which Donna book has that delicious looking spinach pie? I've got a bunch of them, mainly 'cos I love the pictures. Thanks

Mona said...

OH my goodness, that looks so good! Wow, I'm starving now, haven't had lunch and wishing I could have some of that left ova' and heated in the microwave.

Melissa said...

--Cindy, Does have books in English? You might try that. There is always!

--Carolg, The recipe was from 'The Instant Cook', all her books are great!

--Mona, yes, I love leftovers of this recipe, even straight from the fridge!