Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Turning over a new leaf

Anyone who visits this blog can guess, I love to cook!
Cooking = Extra Pounds
It isn't just me either. Its the 'family unit' who is having trouble buttoning up their jeans!

Thought I'd try something new last night for dinner. Grilled salad! Mom, you have cracked-up, came the comments from the couch! Yeah, I know! Strange as it sounds, it really was delish! You need to try this one, for sure.

I found a new web site, The Cooking Guy, go check this guy out! He is really funny, and has some great ideas. Plus he has little Quicktime Videos that you can take a look at.
He did his salad on the gas grill, due to the rain yesterday I opted for the good ol' Le Creuset grill pan.
It is nothing more than some Little Gem lettuce cut in half. Brush with olive oil and placed on the hot grill pan. I had a couple strips of bacon done really crisp. To finish the plate, I added some of my 50 year old Balsamic vinegar, some Parmesan shavings and a little more olive oil. It was SO good!
The Little Gem lettuces are from Spain and these were extra large, but the Little Gems you can find already packed at the local supermarket, 6 to a package, would work just fine too.

Can't wait for a drier day to try this one out on the grill! You know me, I grill out all winter, much to the curious stares of my neighbors!
Jeans are feeling loose already.....well, not exactly!


b'gina said...

That looks and sounds delicious. And since I just bought a package of six of those babies...thanks for the inspiring post!

Mona said...

That's great, and sounds just like my Dad. He'll grill come hell or high water, in snow or in the pouring rain. It's great!!

Barbara said...

Sounds delicious Melissa.

Melissa said...

--b'gina, Hope you do try it. I just made another batch with the package of 6.

--Mona, I can remember a Christmas Eve, grilling in the dark.

--Barbara, Thanks. Hope all is well with you!

steph said...

Mrs. Harp-
Thanks for always reading my blog and leaving comments! It's great to hear from you, I'm trying to plan a weekend trip up to Paris in mid-March! Hope all is well, keep in touch!


drbiggles said...

Heh, yeah. Attempting the veggie thing myself. It worked for a few days last week. Baby steps, baby steps.
Whoops, I bought a beef roast for dinner. Maybe I'll just stick with salad ...

shuna fish lydon said...

What a great link that was. (I wrote a little about this new technology but it was really fun to see it in action on an actual blog!)

Ever since I had a grilled hearts of romaine salad about 6 years ago at Blue Plate in SF I have been converted to the cooked lettuce idea.

In fact, wasn't it the French who created lettuce soup?

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

love the title of this post!

Melissa said...

--Steph, let us know when you come to Paris. Seems like you are having a great time in Spain!

--Biggles, Salad? Are you ok?

--Shuna, The Cooking Guy link is fun! I see some other ideas I'll have to try. Congrats on your win! You deserve it!

--Corey, Great to find your blog!