Wednesday, February 22, 2006

An 'age old question'

What's for dinner tonight, Mom?

That question is brought up during breakfast....sometimes because the 'loved one' has a special request or craving.
I'm always thinking about what to have for dinner and to find an answer, I headed into the 'cookbook room'. I found a negleted copy of River Cafe Two Easy which I bought this summer. I don't want Rose and Ruth to wonder why this book was gathering dust, so I started pouring through the pages to find something that tempted my taste buds.

I found Slow-Roasted Pork in Milk, read a bit further and realized I had most ingredients already. So far, so good! I had lots of garlic, lemon for the 'peel', my Sage bush was still producing some decent leaves.......Yeah, this was sounding like it could be dinner!

Then I remembered that Biggles had already blogged about a similar recipe. Actually, his roast looked really delicious, nice and browned. He did complain about his sauce, but I had my secret weapon, Cream Fraiche. This 'pot of delicious' stays in my fridge, always ready to enrich any bland sauce!

Dinner was accompanied by a roasted asparagus and seared Little Gem Salad! Topped with shavings of Parmesan Cheese. (you know that I served mashed potatoes too)
Weeknight dinner, one night down! Now.........what about tomorrow??


drbiggles said...

HA !!! Neat. This is crazy. You've done it and one of my butchers recently got online and did it as well.

Turns out the sauce is supposed to curdle. In fact, many recipes include lemons to help it curdle. The taste was flippin' amazing.


Melissa said...

Biggles, I bet your sauce tasted better than mine, I did enrich with the Creme add more taste and smooth out the sauce.
Yours looked really great!
Thanks for checking in.