Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Zucchini Flowers

I'm not sure where these zucchini flowers were grown, I just grabbed up the boite and threw them in my basket! Aren't they beautiful??

They were just big and fresh and were screaming SPRING on this grey rainy day.

I planned on dipping them into a tempura batter and giving them a good fry.

I also spied some raw shrimp, another 'find' for my basket. You don't always find fresh raw shrimp, you find frozen raw shrimp. We had some zucchini in the crisper drawer, I had some red peppers to add to the pot of oil!

A dipping sauce of rice wine vinegar, soy sauce and toasted sesame oil and I knew the family would be happy. The last time I tried Tempura, I was the only cook with one wok, things got soggy, the family wasn't happy......So......this time I enlisted 'the hubby' and the deep fat fryer. With two chefs manning two pans of oil, we cooked up dinner fast and crisp.


b'gina said...

Everybody's making foods that remind me of my childhood this week. I haven't had squash blossoms since I was a tot and my mother picked them from our garden. These look great. I guess I'll have to plant some zucchini this spring so I can have some extra blossoms to cook.

Anonymous said...

wow - never heard of zucchini blossoms that you fry! What a cool item to eat! Were they good?
-Barb H

Melissa said...

B'Gina....How did you mom prepare the blossems?

BarbH...yep, they are yummy! Good sauce!

lindy said...

Envy. Squash blossoms are among my very favorite foods in the world.They are lovely as you are making them-fried, and also delicious stuffed.

We don't see them in Pittsburgh in the shops. I don't have a garden, so the only time I ever get them here is when my CSA delivery farmer has extra zucchini plants. None last year!
I'm terribly jealous-they look wonderful. (The shrimps, too)

Mona said...

Wow, those look great Melissa!! I've never heard of or seen those before!

Mia said...

Those are beeeeeauutiful. Mmmm, my favorite.

keiko said...

Beautiful! Drooling!

Melissa said...

Lindy, Guess it is too early in Pittsburgh to think about the garden. You know how zucchini crazy!

Mona, I'm sure you can find these at one of those 'fancy' food stores in NY!

Mia, They were good! Thanks for looking in on the blog!

Keiko, You've made these, no doubt!
In fact I bet your Tempura is 'to die for'. Do you make it much?

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

zucchini blossoms, everytime I make them they are NEVER as good as the others I have tasted. Can you tell me why??
My mouth watered at the thought of the tender texture flowers and shrimp, what a good combo!!

American School of Paris (Chris Chater) said...

Melissa I now know what to be hungry for - these had better be on the menu for Moveable Feast! Pretty please?

Melissa said...

Hey Chris, since you said, 'Please'....I'll write up the recipe for next month! Thanks for checking in with me!

Fanny said...

I love courgette's flowers so much!!!
Thanx for the comment on my blog.

michele said...

hi Michele here from Florida,
I've planted my first garden.I have a lot of zuch flowers and yellow squash too. I have not ever had them,or cooked them, yet! what do they taste "like"? I saw the Iron chef today- stuff them with basil & catfish but he said it would usually be crab or sole!

Anonymous said...

Me too, I remember my mom's best friend, frying blossoms and I loved them. My family however, couldn't stand to see the flowers not turn into fruit so I never had the joy of the flower at home unless it was a cook zucchini. Now I understand and know that I can pick the non producing flower and cook it and still enjoy the fruit of the procuding flower. Thankyou

Melissa said...

Hi Michele,
Those flowers taste sweet...I bet they are delicious stuffed with crab! Yum!

Anonymous, I'm glad you found a 'way' to eat these again! In fact, I need a trip over to the farm to see if there are any on the vines!