Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Lunch in Gien

I know it wasn't too long ago that Clay and I went down to Gien, but my friend Cheryl was in town and I thought she would enjoy a trip down to the factory store. With a little lunch on the Loire River included in the trip down.

Lunch at Le Poulard, where every plat is served on a different Gien plate.....the bubbles say it all!


steph said...

Mrs. Harp-
What is your skype name? My is humphrsl, so skype me sometime. I'm hoping to start working out plans for Paris, hopefully the weekend of March 24-26, will you be there?

Barbara said...

You lead a charmed life Melissa!

Michèle said...

Oh it looks like it was a wonderful lunch!

Anonymous said...

Ah, those were the days, Melissa! I remember La Poulard - just wish I could go again soon! Your pictures are wonderful -
Barb H.

Mona said...

What beautiful pictures Mme Melissa:) And from Gien? I don't remember it that well but I know my mom dragged me there as a cranky middle schooler-ha:)

Mona said...

That came out wrong, I just meant I didn't appreciate it when I was little so would love to go back!

Melissa said...

Steph....we are booked for the 24th, do you have my email?

Barb..don't I know it!!

Michele....it is a fun trip!

BarbH...I bet you don't need another piece of Gien!

Mona, My son is always riding shotgun but not in a happy way. I can bribe him now-a-days with a nice lunch tho!