Thursday, June 01, 2006

Beer-Can Chicken

I've been trying to stop a rolling freight train dead in its tracks with my bare hands. It just won't stop, so I'm giving up and giving in. I'm going to stop dreading and start enjoying!
What am I talking about? It is graduation time, my 6ft tall, bearded baby is going to graduate from High School. I know I'll shed some tears......but darn-it, he has grown into a fine young man, and insisting that he is more than ready to spread his be it!

Listen, don't let anybody tell you that this 'life event' is easy, it isn't!

Now on to the other joy in my life, food&cooking! Lets talk about chicken on the grill. Comfort food, really! The trick when grilling or roasting is to make sure your bird is moist. Beer-Can chicken does the trick and works a treat. I know this recipe has been blogged about and re-blogged. But, you gotta' love it! Above are all the makings for this meal.....smoked salt (from my mentor/friend) and a French beer! If you have problems thinking about this beer, cola or a lemon lime mix will be fine. I'm sure you can find something worthy!

There he sits, so roasted! Moist and delicious! This bird is fit for any graduating senior or senior citizen alike! Now all that is left for me to do is run out and buy some waterproof mascara and pray for sun! Wish me luck, I'll get through this!


Anonymous said...

Yummy! It looks delicious, delicious and I'm sure your young man will enjoy it. You will make it through. It was hardest for me when my first daughter left home. She has become quite a woman. Also, LOVE that French beer.

bcinfrance said...

Does this mean your son is at the American high school and will actually be having some sort of graduation ceremony? Because the Bac is a ways away...

I have one leaving coll├Ęge and going off to high school next year too...

I hope you drank the beer instead of just putting it in the chicken! You probably needed it!

lindy said...

It takes more than a little getting used to. But I can tell you that it is a great pleasure to have actual adult children.

When my daughter (now a 30 year old married person) first went away to college, I sort of geared myself up for it, and got through it alright. Then she came home for the summer. When it was time for her to go back to school in the fall, I didn't really prepare myself, I thought I had adjusted already.
It hit me like a ton of bricks when she left the 2nd time. It was even harder.

Still, it is good to see them come into their own, and see them through their big events with some excellent food.

keiko said...

Wow Melissa - I might have a dream about this chicken tonight :) looks fantastic. Hope you're enjoying your weekend.