Thursday, June 22, 2006

The back of the Pantry

Sometimes it is necessary to dig around and see just what is living in the dark parts of your pantry. I tend to hoard, for those 'just in case days'. Even after 20 years of Paris life I still need to have certain American products around..

  • A small selection of Campbells Soups (Cream of Tomato, for those after-flu days)
  • I have broth and stocks (for those lazy cooking days)
  • Reynolds Wrap (french foil is just too flimsy!)
  • A small can of Crisco (fried chicken-n- country gravy!)
Here is the problem, when you are a 'hoarder' those precious items stay in the pantry long after the shelf life, I've found soup from 1998 (is that still good?)!! I have started a 'list', I've got one for the freezer and have started one for my precious items. Best intentions! Think of Golen, from Lord of the Rings, holding up 'His Precious'!

On this cool day in Paris, I decided to take a gander in my dried fruit and nut basket to see what I could throw into a batch of Biscotti. As mentioned before, I'm not a cookie baker and Biscotti seems to fill the need to replace those multiple failed cookie attempts. So far I haven't flubbed a batch. With a base recipe you can add whatever you find in the pantry!

Look what I found today. Some lovely dried cranberries, some dried bananas that have been enrobed with honey & Pistachios!

Such a tasty combination. Join me for a cup of tea on this cool afternoon -- Or are you too busy cleaning out your pantry!!

My lazy summer days have begun, although the chirping bird noises are being drowned out with World Cup games and yelling family members! Oh well! Sorry, Team USA.


jenjen said...

Melissa, your biscotti looks great. I love your addition of different fruits. I think we all tend to hoarde stuff in our pantries. I know I do.
Nice blog.

bcinfrance said...

You bake the most exotic things! The biscotti look wonderful.

Melissa said...

JenJen, Thanks for checking in. The trouble with hoarding is keeping the item in the pantry past the 'sell by'.....I'm guilty!!

Betty, I think we have lots in common!

Megan said...

That's so funny about hoarding stuff. I miss mexican food SO much living in Paris - my husband and I have been coveting our last can of black beans and salsa for months now. Ack! (I know you can find dried here, but...) Funny how things become too special to use! I enjoy reading your blog!