Saturday, June 17, 2006

For Your Eyes Only!

Posted by Picasa This has been a grueling week of luncheons! Somehow, I have to find a balance to all the eating and drinking in the middle of the day!
Below you see a springform pan filled with chocolate! No balance in there, trust me!

Now we've moved on to the dinner party season! More eating and drinking, just later in the day!

I've been asked to bring dessert. Perusing through my files I found a great, easy looking dessert. Outrageous Chocolate Marquise Cake! This looks like the ticket to please. The recipe is from a talented gal who lived in Paris for a while and is now back in Canada. She demo'd this recipe when she came back to Paris just to do a cooking class!
What you don't see is a chocolate sponge on the base, that has been brushed ever so gently, with Kahula! Yeah......this is great!

But......Houston, I think I have a problem. This cake isn't going to release from the springform pan without a fight. A warmed knife at the ready, armed with creme Anglais and another dessert (Banofee Pie)......I hope my host will be happy! Would you be happy to see me at your front door??

pssssst......if you see my trainer, tell her you just saw me 'jogging the hill', ok?


lindy said...

You (and your desserts) are welcome at my front door anytime.

Erika said...

Wow, to think you are still making my recipes! I feel so special that you would include me in your blogg! Thanks Mel, for remembering me. Erika

Melissa said...

Look out Lindy, I just booked my tickets!

Erika, Glad you found this post, recipe was a hit, but I did struggle to get the darn thing out of the pan!
Keep in touch!

keiko said...

You are welcome at my front door also :)