Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Graduation Day Brunch

Sunday was Graduation Day. 86 degrees and full-sun were in the forecast! Thankfully, Saturday morning found me at the mall panic-buying a dress fit for the heat, without TOO much skin showing (you know what I mean!)! My elegant black and white suit would have left me melting. Hey, it was perfect for the weather a few weeks ago for elegance. Now all I can think about is being COOL!

Emotions in check, I also found the time Saturday after panic-shopping to do a bit of relaxing with some dough! I've been wanting to try Barbara's recipe for English Muffins since she posted it a year ago! Her version had the dough in a cool-ferment. Her muffins have nooks and crannies!
My version had no nooks, no crannies....but tasted pretty good. Fresh yeast in the fridge and I was on my way to relaxation.

I didn't have time to let the dough have that overnight ferment, I wanted to make them on Saturday, ready for Sunday morning!

So, what do you prepare your 'bearded baby' for brunch?

Oeufs Cocotte a la Duxelles!

Baked egg with mushroom duxelles, creme fraiche & a nice mimosa & melon make it a balanced start of the days celebrations!

Sunday was a fresh 'start' for many of us.

It was a perfect day!


Barbara said...

Nice crumpets! Congratulations on a milestone in mothering.

bcinfrance said...

I'm amazed by your yeasty exploits -- congratulations on your son's graduation!

Melissa said...

Hey Barbara, Thanks for posting the recipe a year ago.....that is a winner!

Betty, Thanks...you have years to go, enjoy each one!

keiko said...

Congratulations Melissa! Beautiful brunch for the beautiful day...