Saturday, January 20, 2007

Stuffed Pizza

Now that the holiday season is long gone.......although tell that to my neighborhood! They still have Christmas lights on! I wonder what the cut off date is for taking lights down.
Anyway, we are trying to get back to our empty nest again. It is lonely, to say the least.
I am cooking, but not as enthusiastically! The 'old man' and myself weren't much into the mood for going out, so I thought I'd whip up a pizza dough. really isn't cooking dinner is it? I threw the dough together in my sleep and boy did it turn out lovely! Sometimes when you turn on the 'auto-pilot', and something turns out great, that is the day you wish you had invited friends over OR were teaching a class!!

I wanted to experiment a little and remember I had bookmarked a blog entry a while ago for stuffed pizza. Interesting idea, huh! A take on a deep dish pizza with a lid!

I coaxed the dough into the springform pan, had some spinach on hand, there was some feta ready to use, cheddar and a mozzarella ball. I threw this concoction into the pan and topped it with a thin piece of dough. Baked for about 35 minutes and well, it was very good. Check out in this link for a look at the mini version. They are so cute, plus the stuffing ideas are endless! It is a fun way of cooking up a pizza!


lindy said...

That looks so good! I love a savory pie...and the springform pan is very clever- it all looks so yummy.

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Yes, I saw that one also and really want to give it a whirl - not the crust, I can't do that but I do still make an excellent crust.
The springform pan is an excellent idea! Like the variation.

Barbara said...

Impressive Melissa.

Shore said...

Wow. Looks really yummy. Now, I am hungry for stuffed pizzas.

nicole said...

It's on the 2nd day of February that most of our neighbors take out all their Christmas deco, even in our home too. (ha-ha) Know what? Now I'm craving for pizza because of the pics. :)

Betty C. said...

Looks yummy, great for a cold winter day.

Melissa said...

~Lindy, we need all reasons to keep using the expensive equipment we all keep buying the springform pan works for pizza!!

~Hi, Your blog is super!! Thanks for the comments and visit!

~Barbara, Thanks for checking in with me, hope all is well! Enjoy your summertime!

~Shore, I'm in the mood again for pizza, today I've got a biga fermenting and will finish the dough tomorrow. yum!

~Nicole, is that the magic date, Feb 2? I still have one neighbor with his tree up. Whatever makes them happy, huh!!

~Betty, lets keep those cold winter days away, I just wasn't thrilled when it snowed last week.