Friday, January 05, 2007

History at my fingertip!

A wonderful side benefit of living in France is you can read a historical novel and then gallop off to look at what you are reading about. And if your kid is studying WW1, you can head off to see the battlefields. It is a wonderful opportunity to wake up a History Buff. So much to see!

I wanted a book to take me through the Holiday Season....this will include lunch at the newly renovated Angelina's and a family browse through W.H. Smith's. I found a book in the history section called, Courtesan: A Novel. A mix of history and fiction. I have been enjoying the book and thought a family field trip might be in order.

One of the many Chateau's mentioned in the book was Fontainebleau. I couldn't remember the last time we had made a visit there. In other words, time to go back!
It isn't a far drive, combined with lunch at a place I found on the 'net' and a quick visit to Vaux le Vicomte, this plan sounded like a perfect day for me! Plus, 'Vaux' was decorated for Christmas for the first time and the display was on it's last day! A great thing about the visit to Vaux are the kitchens, they have done a great job in recreating what it might have been like in those days!

click on the photo for a bigger view

This was a great way to wrap up the holiday season, and I've got one week left to enjoy and pamper my 'bearded baby'! The time does fly!


Tanna said...

Oh, you lucky, lucky you and your bearded baby.
I've loved all the kitchens in the French Chateau's we've visited.

Melissa said...

Hi Tanna! We are off for another 'family field trip' today. Lunch included!!
All the best,

Barbara said...

When I first looked at the pictures I thought WOW Melissa owns all those copper pots. I'm so jealous. Silly me. Lovely display.