Saturday, March 17, 2007

Here's to your Health!

Take a look at those lentils! Bright orange and so good for you! I've had those babies in my larder for a while, in fact it was getting close to the 'sell-by' date! I had to find an interesting recipe for them and low and behold, I found one in an old 'Olive' magazine.
The recipe was simple, but I needed to embellish (what's new!). The recipe called for baby spinach and chickpeas. Well, I went digging and found some white beans and a quick trip to the farm netted some lovely Chard.

The mix cooked down a bit more and the lentils lost that bright color, but I was feeling rather smug in that powerful combination! I think that Greek Yogurt might have taken the edge off my smug healthy feeling, but it tasted great paired up with some grilled lamb chops!


Chris Chater said...

Looks like a perfect marriage between Popye's favorite and Olive Oyl! Or is it a little memory of Tuscany night?

Melissa said...

Hey Chris! Now that it is all over, I have fond memories of the Tuscany night....those ladies were something to work with!!
speaking of Popeye's...have you ever eaten there? Chicken and Biscuits! yum...

Galina said...

Hi, Chris.
I recently cooked with orange lentils myself and was disappointed when the color was gone. Do you know of any tricks to preserve the color (short of leaving them in my pantry uncooked)?