Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Paella - On the Weber

Who can complain about the weather this past week, and it just seems to be getting better and better! Past Easter memories are rainy & very cool ......colored eggs get left for the dog to find because it was just too cold to hunt! Our old dog, T-Bone, just loved to find and eat those eggs left behind.

Tradionally, we do a lamb of some kind, but now that the nest is empty I thought I should plan something different. Way back when, when I first started my blog, it started off with a New Year Eve Paella prepared by my two favorite men!

Paella is a dish to be planned and prepared with the people you love. The twist was, this was cooked out on the grill....inspired by Weber.com. I've been dying to try this method.

We dug out and dusted off the old pan, shopped for the shrimp, mussels, chorizo etc. We were good to go. The forecast was perfect.

The cooking of the Paella went off without a hitch! Our little neighborhood was just filled with the lovely aroma. The 'old man' said that this was a must for the 'bearded baby' when he comes home from college! I'm already planning the menus for the summer!


Anonymous said...

What a lucky student!!!!!!

Betty C. said...

I'm amazed by your nice weather. Here it has been very iffy, except for one or two nice days (Easter Monday.) It isn't as cold as before though - -thank heavens -- we had some snow on March 31st!

Mia said...

That is so cool! I have to get myself a proper paella pan and try this.

Melissa said...

Hi Anonymous......he is a much loved student!

Betty.....It is still lovely! Although I'm starting to feel some alergies.

Mia......If you check out Webernation, you'll see that he uses a cast iron pan and it works a treat! I've enjoyed reading your vacation adventure.....what a trip!

Anonymous said...

Dear blogger.. nice paella on the Weber barbecue!!! :)

Melissa said...

Thanks Anonymous!! I can't wait to make that recipe again, it was so delicious!
Thanks for stopping in.