Friday, April 13, 2007

Yes Son, that is Tofu

If you close your eyes you might think that you are on vacation in paradise! The weather has been that divine lately in Paris. The garden is in bloom and my geraniums are in and survived that cold snap. The herbs are full & ready to be chopped. Can you tell that my dad was a local weather man on TV? Weather was important in our house, it pretty much buttered our bread!

Ok, back to food!! I recently attended the first session of a 4-session cooking class/lecture. This was given by a gal who I have known in the expat community for many, many years. To be honest, she and I are poles apart in our cooking ways. But, again, to be honest, she is doing something right!

I went to her class out of curiosity, and tempted by the prospect of healthy cooking. I wanted to take 'bits' from the class, you know, a little of this and a little of that! I wanted to inflict some 'extreme health' into my cream and butter filled diet! There is a balance, isn't there!

Once I told my family that I was going to this class, they asked if we were giving up meat now!! Lets face it, they were scared! My son from his dorm room in the U.S. had many questions!

Yes, that is Tofu to the left.......Kombu (kelp) and dried shrimp. When Mary started her Miso Soup I didn't think I could eat it. Seaweed and dried up shrimp.....rubbery white cubes??? I do like Miso though!

She made 'her' version which included some Chinese Cabbage. I must say, it was delicious! I felt inspired to make some changes after I left the class. I ran off to the local 'BIO' store for some provisions. Then off to MIDO the Japanese/Korean store, where I now take a written list instead of asking where things are. My accent speaking french to two Japanese girls just doesn't cut it. They take my list and cruise the tiny store.....I write the check and hit the Autoroute homebound!

So.....armed with whole-brown rice, whole wheat pasta and good intentions we are going to eat differently......babysteps---not Boot Camp!!


Anonymous said...

Your Dad was the best weatherman ever! I would love to try Miso, it looks delicious. I would also like to learn how to incorporate tofu into my menus. Guess Who?

Melissa said...

Hello Mom....Do they sell Tofu where you live?

Riana said...

Yum, great idea. Cooking classes are fun to take.