Monday, April 09, 2007

Rich, Buttery Brioche!

Fresh yeast in the fridge? Then let me dig out a recipe! I haven't made Brioche dough in a while! Sweet, buttery and perfect for the Easter season.
My Tete's aren't perfect.....but they were delicious and tender! The other half of the dough turned into a giant Cinnamon pull-apart roll. It didn't sit on the warming rack long before it was pulled apart and eaten!

The exciting news is that I signed up for a class at Le Notre this week. Guess what I'll be learning! Yep, Brioche. Can't wait......check the blog for a post.

PS......Can I play proud mom? The 'bearded baby' just sent photos of the Easter dinner he made for the kids in the hall, who didn't go home for the holiday weekend! Home-made Vegetarian Lasagna....WOW! Check his results!

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