Monday, September 18, 2006

Fresh Goodness

More from the Wagamama cookbook.....
This time lots of freshness, add some Hoisen Sauce and Mirin. Toss with shrimp and noodles!
Yes, that is fresh spinach from a bag. I'm keeping my ears open, haven't heard about e coli on this side of the pond.

I'm inspired with this cookbook and I love the little Japanese market, MIDO on Rue St. Charles where you can find all the goodies you need!

Dinner in the garden, Indian Summer!


bcinfrance said...

I have got to get more stir fry into my dinners. Looks delicious. What is the "Wagamama" cookbook. Is that the title?

Isn't the Flickr badge cool? I have one too.

Melissa said...

Hey Betty!
Wagamama is a UK based Noodle Bar....I got to try it out this summer and brought back the cookbook with me.
Fun and healthy to cook from!

I moved my Flickr Badge from the bottom of my page to the top.....looks like it might get more 'looks'!

Lizzi said...

Yum. You made me hungry.

francis said...


everytime I see someone post about noodle just can't help it I get hungry lol. there's nothing like stir fry noddles yum2x..

Melissa said...

Hi Lizzi, That dish was really tasty, give it a try!

Francis, Thanks for checking in!