Monday, September 11, 2006

Rediscovering France --- Pierrefonds

Many years ago when we moved to France, we used to take the 'D' roads (the little yellow roads on the Michelin map) . We would meander through the countryside and find little antique shops and great little places for lunch. Or, in the spring would would pack up a picnic and head out.
I can remember one cold but sunny Sunday, about 19 years ago, we found a huge surprise. Pierrefonds!

An incredible site! Right out of nowhere! A fortified castle that is in the most picturesque setting!

I'll never forget when we moved to France. The 'old man' picked me up at CDG and drove north to our new home. He drove me past the Chateau de Chantilly right up the street from our little apartment. You can imagine how excited I was! Of course when you are in your late 20's and life is simple, all I wanted to do was tour around and explore! I wanted to learn French way back then, till I realized you had to study. hmmmmmmm, that is another story!!!

Now we have some time to rediscover our past haunts, we made our way out that way again on Sunday. The weather was perfect and the crowds were not too bad! Years ago they told us that they would eventually open the crypt under the castle. To our surprise it was open yesterday. Very eerie, mood lighting and sound effects!

After our tour of the castle we made our way to the little bistro by the lake for lunch. Yes, 19 years ago we ate there, although the fireplace was roaring on a brisk autumn day, and the meat was cooking on the open fire. Yesterday was as perfect as a day gets, I can't wait for the next Chateau to rediscover!


Anonymous said...

Wow, I think I was there on a picnic with my family, many years ago. We had roasted chicken, cheese, wonderful wine, and my fav,the wonderful bread. Of course, my great son in law took us to so many wonderful places. You brought up some sweet memories.

Constance said...

Can't wait for our trip to France. It will be this Christmas. Hopefully, I'd get to experience the joy you just felt in finding that castle.

Melissa said...

Hello are welcome to come for Christmas! We will eat well!

Constance.....Oh, France at Christmas is just magic! I know you'll love it!

Anonymous said...

You have always prepared the best meals I have ever had during my visits to France. If I get to make the trip, you can count on me at your table. Always delicious, delicious. Thanks for the invitation!