Thursday, September 07, 2006

Tea-Smoked Duck

Getting back into the kitchen after 'vacation' has been pretty easy. Grocery shopping, however, proved to be a learning experience. I headed off, list in hand, to my local Auchan. Enjoyed touring up and down and left with sacks of groceries totaling 150euro. You realize that there are just two people in the house now. I'm not sure who I thought I was buying for, but when I head back again, I'll really use my brain cell(s) instead of just picking up items and throwing them in the cart! I'm not sure what army I was going to feed!

My first cooking class is coming up. I'm doing a Grilling/Smoking Class. Many times when trying to create an interesting class, I pick out some recipes that sound good to me, I enjoy predicting a new trend or new method of cooking. Then, I start the testing/tasting process long after the description of the class goes to print! Now is the time to get started cooking!

I love this part of giving a class. Developing, testing and re-testing, then, writing up the recipe.
Right now, I'm working on the Tea-Smoked Duck. I used a Citrus Tea to infuse a 'smokey flavor'. The result was good, but I think I can do better!

I will retest this recipe using another tea. I just found a wonderful smelling 'orange' tea from Hediard. I think this combo will be a winner!

I decided to pair the duck with a fresh salsa. Avocado, melon, jalapeno, cilantro, onions & lime juice. A teeny tiny but oh-so-spicy red chili was thrown in the mix. Fresh & delicious. The recipe I'm using smokes the duck first, then you crisp the skin up before serving. The duck was served 'rosy' in the traditional way. Too rare for you?.......Just cook a little longer when crisping up the skin. I'll let you know what happens with the re-test this weekend.


drbiggles said...

You just can't miss with Duck, darned fine meat medium.

Nearly put together a grilling class this year. Just lost my steam and did other things. I was going to focus more on building a cooking fire and maintaining so you din't ruin your dinner. A foundation so they can build from there type of situation.

I'm on it.


Melissa said...

Hey Biggles, If you taught a class I bet you'd fill the house! How about a podcast or videocast for those who live to far away to attend!

Thanks for checking in, you always make me smile!

drbiggles said...

Hey Melissa,

Thanks! Yeah, I could most certainly fill the boom boom room for sure.
I've always wanted to do some kind of live feed. But technology left me behind a few years ago. Haven't had the time to pick it back up and figure the darned stuff out. Mebbe I should take another look, hey.


Delena said...

Hi Melissa,
I have just made my first tea smoked duck last weekend and it was a great success. My recipe calls for crisping the duck first and then smoking it rather than the other way around as in your recipe. Any thought on this?

Melissa said...

I'm curious about your duck, did the skin stay crispy?
I'm on the second day of my demo, teaching this recipe. My thoughts are that when you smoke first, then crisp and finish the cooking in a pan you can control how 'done' you like the if people like rare or more 'done' you can accomplish this by this method.
I'm using a cookbook called, Smoking' (I'll have to double check tho) and it was a great reference.
Keep in touch!