Sunday, December 31, 2006

Scorched Ego, Singed Pride

My two favorite shadows enjoying a foggy evening in the City of Lights!

As we get ready to start a brand new year, and I celebrate the start of my third year of blogging, I think I should share a little story with you!

Here you find the makings of our traditional Christmas Eve dinner- Lobster Fettuccini! Fit for a King!

This menu was requested from afar, and when 'he' arrived, he asked in the car on the drive home, 'Did you get the Truffle yet??'
All was well, on Christmas Eve, we were going to unwrap, then eat, then drive into Paris to see the 'Lights'! The presents were opened and the 'boys' were upstairs playing with their new toys, The Samsung K5. Dinner was almost ready and I warmed up the cognac, turned off the vent-a-hood.....lit the cognac......are you starting to get a feeling of where this is going?
The cognac was burning beautifully and I proceeded to pour it on top of the, it was really burning now!! I put the lid on to stop the inferno. I noticed a bright light out of the corner of my eye......yep, the filter in the vent-a-hood was blazing brightly and dripping burning black pieces into my pasta. Being married to a pilot we keep 3 fire extinguishers placed throughout the house with one being in the kitchen. I was hoping the fire would just go out, but the pilot took command and extinguished the fire.
I think we should call the fire department even though the fire was out. This is an old house, I'm not sure about the wiring etc. I called the Pompier, and tell them that the fire is out, but please come without the sirens and without the lights!---I was embarrassed enough already!
A few minutes later there is a van at the gate, no lights, whew! I invite them in, only to discover it is the police, just checking on things before the fire department arrive. They see no fire and the Policeman compliments me on my kitchen decor, I feel as though I should offer them a drink and invite them for dinner!!
Next to arrive is the Fire Department.......not one truck, but TWO large trucks arrive with their blue lights flashing.....this is guaranteed to bring the neighbors out on the street. The Chief also detemines the fire is out, no need to worry.....enjoy the rest of the evening.
I'm feeling pretty awful, and the guys are still hungry. Thank God for leftovers and fire extinguishers!
Happy New Year........I think it is going to be a great one!


Robert said...

Don't be embarassed. I had a similar experience some years ago. Instead of throwing away my old socks, I used them to make a rope for the dogs to play with (dogs love playing with socks, especially if one doesn't wash them after the last use). Over time, the rope got bigger and bigger. It would stretch out the living room and down the hallway.

One day, my wife had enough. She threw the whole thing onto the open fire (it was winter time, we had a fireplace going). Enormous gush of flame up the chimney, which then caught on fire. Flames coming out of the top. She calls the fire department while I smother the flame in the open fireplace. Lots of yelling and panic sounds.

Fire in chimney goes out, fire department arrives. Nothing for them to do, but they don't want it to be a wasted trip. So they get a bucket of water and remove each log and ember from the fireplace and dump in bucket of water.

Wife serves coffee and bisquits (the ones made the day before for visitors arriving in a couple of hours). At least we had a story to tell our friends when they arrived.


Tanna said...

Scorched and singed, it's just a wonderful memory and story for the ages now!
Happy New Year...

joey said...

Ah! But at least it was in Paris :) Happy new year! :)

Melissa said...

Robert, your story made me laugh, and when I build a fire in the fireplace I now think of you!! I think my dog, Max might like some smelly socks to chew on! GREAT story!!
Happy New Year!

Tanna, now that the vent is working again, I've patched up my pride and kinda' smile when I think of it.

Joey, I see you are a 'glass half full person' one who looks on the bright side of life.....we could hang out.....I like that!
Happy New year!

Barbara said...

What a fun night Melissa. Happy New Year.

Melissa said...

Barbara, to a point, but certainly one for the memory book!
Have a Happy!