Saturday, March 24, 2007

Got a Buzz?

I'm talkin' about Caffeine here, folks!

We have owned a Nespresso Coffee maker for a few years now. I bought it as a Christmas gift for the 'old man'. Since he works at home, when he is home, I thought he'd enjoy coming downstairs for a quick coffee. We've been pleased and have just learned to warm our cup in advance before making the coffee. I didn't buy the most expensive model, which could be the problem!

I can't say enough about Nespresso's on-line ordering service either. I was on-line yesterday afternoon about 3:00 and I had my capsules in the mailbox by 10:00 this morning. WOW, that is service!

They introduced the Aeroccino last year, I watched the demo and was sold! This little gadget is so cool.....I tried to order one in 110v for my mom in the 'states' and they hadn't tackled the US market yet. I just saw on Amazon that they are making them and promptly shipped one off to mom! She is going to love the thick, frothy milk that it makes! This stuff stands up like whipped cream in your cup and will make any Barista jealous!


Anonymous said...

Looks great, I'll have to get one.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I always loved the frothy milk when I last visited Paris. I also loved the delicious food my daughter prepared. The greatest cook ever!!!! I bet she can't wait for that delivery. Guess Who

Betty C. said...

I became a coffee addict again last summer in the States. I had resisted Starbucks and tbe many other caf├ęs and drive-throughs in town for years, but didn't make it through summer 2006!

Melissa said...

Hi Anonymous, just go online and order from the site! You'll love it!

Hello Mom!! Thanks....I know you'll love your little gift!

Hi Betty, I can't live without my Carte Noire coffee, I even pack it up with me when I travel back to the US.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Daughter whom I miss more than you can imagine.....That little machine is fantastic. It is here and in use. Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

Hi auntie! Nice blog!!!

Mom says hi!


Melissa said...

Hi Devin and Mom!
I sure miss you guys and wish we could celebrate Easter together!
Love you. Have fun together!