Saturday, April 21, 2007

Spring Day-Spring Roll

Actually it was my son who first worked with rice paper. He took an after school activity class on cooking. The middle-school Science Teacher was hosting at the time. She was teaching the kids Moo Shu Duck. I was impressed and the 'bearded baby' was excited to tell me all about the recipe while we drove home. (this was years ago!)

I've been thinking about items for a healthy lunch. Lunch is where I fall down on the job. There are things in the fridge for lunch, but this is a meal I might skip or just graze the fridge for lunch.
I bought some rice paper, shrimps and prepared to find a recipe. As luck would have it, I turned to Diva Cooking. I knew these gals would come up with something delicious with a modern twist. Check this book out, lots of fun!

Daikon, carrots and rocket, plus the proverbial shrimp filled the wrapper. The sauce was great, a 'take' on a Satay sauce.......this could have been thinned down a little, (speak for yourself, you say??). The thick sauce was too much for the delicate flavors of the Spring Roll, but has potential for other dishes! Next time I'll find a little soy based dipping sauce.

I'm sure the Rice Paper will last forever and be great for summer lunches.


Barbara said...

I love these rice paper rolls. I have them for lunch when I feel the need to be healthy.

wcs said...

Melissa, thanks for stopping by my blog ! I can't wait to delve into your archives. The food pix on the main page look great. I'm hungry already.

Riana said...

i love these too! when i have left overs, i roll them up with some lettuce and voilà.

Lindy said...

I love spring rolls, and especially like the idea for a brown bag lunch- so handy! and something I hadn't thought of. I'm doing a lunch event at Toast, with a roundup in May-hope you will consider participating- with your spring rolls or another take-along suitable lunch.

Michèle said...

I too am a big fan of the rice paper roll. One of my favourite wrapable combos is mango, avocado and bean thread noodles.. You've got me craving it again!

Melissa said...

Barbara....Thanks for including the link. I must have missed your post! Great ideas in there.

WCS...I'm going to bookmark your site, it is always nice to meet another expat!

Riana.....mmmmmm, leftovers, that way, they'll never know!

Lindy....I'm going to check out your post and check the date! Thanks for the invite.

Michele.....Love the sound of your version. Mango and avocado has my tongue dancing!