Friday, December 08, 2006

Choucroute Garni

Posted by Picasa Sauerkraut and a convenience package? This is the second time that I've blogged about Convenience Cooking in France.
You know there are just times when you are starving, but really don't want to cook. These were sitting in the fridge just waiting for an evening like that!
These little pre-packaged gems have a fairly long shelf life, they are vacuumed sealed. And darn it.......they are good!

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I was at my local Auchan, the guys were stocking several differnent brands of Choucroute. I asked which one was the best, they gave me a choice. I choose this brand. Plenty of sauerkraut and lots of 'garni'. A frankfurter, a smoked sausage, 2 bacon slices, some ham slices and a lone potato fit into this meal for one.

I usually pour a little white wine in a baking dish and add the 'lot', then throw the dish in the oven. I love to boil some potatoes for mashing and dinner is served.

A warming meal on a blustery evening! Pass the mashed potatoes, please!

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Anonymous said...

And I just thought Caoucroute was for New Years Day. Love your blog!