Saturday, December 02, 2006

Confiture de Vin

Wine and sugar??? Have I gone off the deep end?

What does a nice bottle of dessert wine and a sack of Confisuc have in common? What better way to begin the Holiday Season than with a batch of wine jelly! I was invited to join a Cooking Group this year. A fantastic bunch of ladies.....we run the gammit of skill levels, from the novice cook to a shy British gal who I think has many culinary tricks up her sleeve.
We meet once a month in the spirit of creating, sharing and EATING! Plus, there is a bit of imbibing and groovin' to the best of 80's funk!

December is my group's turn to come up with a theme, we also buy the food and host the ladies. Our theme is Hors d'oeurves, this idea came from our Swedish gal or resident Ikea expert.

The jelly really compliments the Foie Gras (am I still allowed to talk about this, it isn't banned here in France!) on a slice of Homemade Pain de Mie. You could also use the jelly to finish off a sauce that might need a little extra something! Just don't spread it on your morning toast!

The recipe is simple, just bring the wine to a boil and flame! (try to remember where you put the fire extinguisher). Add some spices and and Confisuc...after a 20 minute simmer and you'll have Wine Jelly!

I'm using little spice jars for my jelly. They will sit at each place setting with a little Santa Decoration! The color of the jelly is just beautiful!

Time to Deck your Halls!


bcinfrance said...

Nice idea, yet again one of those things I'll never have time for...

Hey, how did you change your Blogger heading? I don't mind the template but would like my own heading with a photo or something...

Tanna said...

Excellent color and perfect jars.

Melissa said...

Hi Betty! I just read your blog and looks like there is many exciting things for you! Bravo!
My banner was a group effort. I had my son use photo shop, then I needed help inserting it. Next I tried to elongate it, but it threw the rest of the layout! Easy enough with photo shop, but some 'geek' help might be needed!

Tanna, thank you for your comments and for taking a look at my blog!

Shelly said...

Great photos, I too love the jars.

Barbara said...

What a lovely idea. I have made rhubarb jelly to take with me to Australia for all my friends. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

Melissa said...

Shelly, thanks!! Wish I could share.

Barbara, sometimes food gifts are a nicer way to show your friends your love!! Happy Holiday to you and your family!