Thursday, December 21, 2006

Dear Alton Brown,

Thanks for sharing this recipe!!

We are zooming into Christmas and fast. The menu has been chosen, shopping has begun. A few old standbys and a couple new items will appear this year. Discussion to follow!
There is an old standby for Christmas morning I like to serve while opening presents, but it wasn't always my best work. Cinnamon Rolls! Sometimes they were a bit dry and no amount of frosting would make that dough moist.

But thanks to Mr. Alton Brown, I found a new version. The Overnight Cinnamon Roll. Yes, this recipe talked to me the moment I glanced at it. Overnight dough, I love it, I usually let my pizza dough ferment overnight in the fridge, I let my Croissant Dough rest overnight as well. The second item in his list of ingredients was Buttermilk.....yum.......that tells me that the dough will be tender.

The dough was a breeze to mix. After it had risen for 2 hours and I was rolling the dough out, it was lovely to work with, I could tell that this 'might be the one' I've been looking for all of these years. It was smooth, silky and smelled delicious, even before it was baked!
In the morning when ready to cook, you give the cinnamon rolls a humid proof in your oven. Then heat the oven up, and bake. It is a winner!

Continuing in the experimental mode of cooking this week, I did alter Mr. Brown's recipe a tad. I thought I might put a little French spin on the rolls. I had a little can of Chestnut Spread in the cupboard, I spread that on the dough and covered the spread with chopped Pecans.
The next time I make these I will also add some Glacé Chestnuts along with the Pecans. These could be the French answer to Cinnabuns!! C'mon, lets think of a name!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa - these look irresistibly good, I must give it a try soon! Take care and have a wonderful christmas, hopefully see you in paris/london next year :) keikox

bcinfrance said...

Nothing like cinnammon rolls! I must admit I rather hope they don't come to France (except in homemade versions, of course) because they're something I love to savor in the USA! Merry Christmas!

lindy said...

All your Christmas things look/sound beautiful. I am especially keen on the Chestnut idea for the sweet rolls and am going to try it with the Alton B. recipe. The turkey terrine appeals to me too.
Sorry to hear about your unplanned flambe event!

I'm sure you enjoyed your visiting child. Mine, being a bit older, and married, got visited by me this year. It was so much fun (she's a wonderful cook)- and I hardly did any of the work. I felt like I was the college kid- and almost, but not quite, guilty!

Melissa said...

Keiko!! Happy New Year! Hope you and your family had a fantastic time!

Betty, Yes, I won't be baking those too often, watching the pounds now, you know, after the holidays!
Happy New Year!

Lindy, Thanks....those rolls are the ticket, the result is very tender!
I will be looking forward to the day that Clay comes and takes over the cooking for me. I told him that when my copper pots get too heavy to lift, they are his!
btw.....I like the looks of your onion rings....they might get made before Clay goes back to the states!