Sunday, May 15, 2005

Another visit with The Star!

Back in the kitchen of that 'star'd' chef. This time for a Saturday demo. He went to the market on Avenue President Wilson and shopped for the dishes that he would demonstrate for us.

Fresh baby veg, cut razor thin on a Japanese mandolin, then, soaked in ice water before preparing each veg individually, just till tender. Finally bringing the veg together in a thyme butter. Lets not forget the little Langoustine that was perfectly perched on top of this spring-time dish!

Below is a gathering of simple teenie-tiny Amandine Potatoes with caramelized baby onions. The two never meet while cooking, always in a separate pan. They find each other only for a quick toss before 'plating'.
Fresh Coppa ham, again, thinly sliced, as if by a razor, tops the dish. As always, finished with a gorgeous nut oil.
He wanted to show us the delightful marriage of hot & cold, bringing out each others best tastes!

Little shots of Asian inspired Sorbet. The creamiest sorbet, with a background heat of some 'birds-eye' chili.

There is now a two month wait for dinner rez with this young Star. And to think, we hang out in the kitchen with him.

He has given us another date for a 'lesson' in September. Can't wait till then!

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