Saturday, May 21, 2005

The 'Dish' Arrived yesterday!

Here is my recipe for a perfect afternoon!
  1. Sit outside on a sunny spring day
  2. A glass of joli Sancerre from your local 'Cave'.
  3. And the first edition of the 'Digital Dish'.
Can you feel the relaxing vibes? Ahhhhh!


Owen said...

Thank you! I'm afraid I linked to you in pride and joy as the first publicly proclaimed customer for the book. I really hope you like it.

Melissa said...

Hi Owen,
---And you should be very proud.
It is a very innovative idea. I really am enjoying it!
Best of luck with the sales and I look forward to 'Dish Two'!

drbiggles said...

Hey melissa,

I didn't get to see it until late last Saturday. I really didn't know what to expect. And I have to say it came out GREAT. I love the fact it follows seasons, quite timely. And nothing says more about a book than fine indexing. It's indexed by url, title of post and thirdly, ingredients! Owen pulled off and did what others are still only attempting. Good action.


Melissa said...

From the look of your latest posts you all are having way too much fun in sunny California!
I think the book is fantastic!
Hope it sells well!
You should be very proud!