Tuesday, May 03, 2005

"Copper Town"

Anybody that loves to cook, anybody that loves to peruse the catalogues or culinary shops will recognize the name in the photo!
Just three short hours drive west of Paris is the Mecca of all things copper! The Mauvial Factory shop. They have it ALL and at great prices. Better than the cooking shops in Les Halles area, and certainly much cheaper than U.S. prices.
It is a long drive, but beautiful this time of year. Heading deep into Normandy all the apple and pear trees are in full bloom. The dairy cows are lounging in the fields. It is a pleasant outing. Whatever road-fatigue that you feel suddenly vanishes when you pull into the town of Villedieu-Les-Poeles. Or, as I call it, Copper Town!

The town is devoted to nothin' but Copper Pots and Bells! This little town produces church Bells that are sent all around the world.

The Atelier above has some nice 'arty' pieces of copper, plus some silver items.
Copper town is worth the drive!

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drbiggles said...


We don't have that here. How much are the 10" 3mm copper fry pans going for? 3 qt 3mm sauce pans?

I'm having flippy convulsions, can't think.