Sunday, May 29, 2005

'It' happens!

Sometimes my best dinner-time creations are created on the fly!
I had nothing planned for Sunday dinner, it was just Clay and me. Digging around in the freezer netted some Chorizo that I hand-carried back on the EuroStar. My old stomping ground of M&S is where I found those sausages, RIGHT in the train station in London, ready to bring back with me to Paris.
I had bought some Bonnotte potatoes a few days back and they needed to be cooked......A green pepper was lurking on the counter from pre-prep for a wine-class I'm cooking for tomorrow.....Dinner was happening!

A chorizo stew with fresh thyme and sage from the garden. Along with a hunk of cornbread, a southern recipe that was sweet! Yes, you are right, there is something missing in the finished dinner.....Some herbs to dress the finished product. Sorry, I just didn't think, we were hungry.
Anyway, it was delicious.


Anonymous said...

My Mother would love this meal, she was a great southern cook.

Melissa said...

Nothing like a 'Mothers Home Made Cooking'! My mom was a great cook too!

Anonymous said...

Have you lost your Mother too? My Mum was the best cook, I try, but shall never reach her excellence in the use of combining different herbs