Friday, May 13, 2005

Mom's Day

What can I say, I'm darned proud! No...Not that my 17 year old is handling a 'cool-french-one', but he is making me a Mothers Day dinner! From scratch! We went to the Librarie Gourmande a few years back. They have a rack of little books, in French, that were 'francs' a piece! He picked up several. I can't say no, will improve his French. His favorite subject, BTW (hahahaha!). NOT!

One of the books he picked up was a Mexican, I call it French-Mex.
My young man is preparing Chimichanga, rice, salsa and Onion Rings. Below is the Beer Batter for the rings.

Paprika, cumin are just a few of the seasonings that will coat the 'rings'. (On the cooling rack is a ciabatta, it turned out pretty good, but I didn't let the starter ferment long enough, just between you and me)

Finished product! It was really great! I must admit the onion rings were divine! Salsa, rustic and chunky and the 'chimi's' were delish, chicken and mushroom plus the regular mexi-spices!
I just read Nic's latest blog-entry and am on my way NOW, for a hunk of Lard from my local Auchan to make a batch of tortillas.

Bonne Weekend, Mes Amis!!

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